Friday 8 August 2014, by TNA

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Main Boilers
The tube bundle, heater, oven, burner, refractory or any other part will be treated with the utmost dedication. We know that a high pressure boiler is the heart of the ship. We accompany your inspection process to ensure that it is carried out as quickly as possible, so as to optimize commercial operation time.

Auxiliary Boilers
When steam works on cargo pumps, on deck machinery or is simply used for heating, the boiler must also be taken into account as if it propelled the main turbine. Also in this case, we accompany your class inspection.

To ensure maximum heat transfer between gases and water, with the objective of getting the best fuel economy, we have personnel who are experts in the use of this type of equipment.

Freshwater is an essential fluid for life on board. The proper functioning of distillers significantly reduces operating costs and supply time in port. Additionally, it improves the quality of life on board. We know how to treat it in order to obtain the optimum yield.

Heat exchangers
Fluids which run along paths that are separated by a material especially designed for energy exchange must be treated with particular care. We have the technology to ensure that this exchange is satisfactory, eliminating encrustations, detecting and stagnating probable leaks and eliminating any risk of contamination of fluids.

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